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Money fears

By Cam McLellan

Let’s talk about fear and money. You might hear people say money is ‘evil’. But anyone who says that doesn’t have any! When you have money, you have the power to make the world a better place.

It’s time to test your juggling skills – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 166|

How do you have an investment property that is appealing to tenants, is robust, durable, receives a strong valuation but at the same time is cost effective and doesn’t waste your money? Cam McLellan and Al Lewison discuss how investing in property can be a juggling act.

The best way to pick an investment property – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 165|

Macro, micro, boom, hotspot – why the words used in the media could be making your decision to buy property an emotional one, and how to avoid investors regret.

Where are the hotspots for 2015 – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 164|

What market should you be buying in, in 2015? And what process do we use for working this out? Cam McLellan and Al Lewison discuss finding the hotspots for this year.


Kick to kick

By Cam McLellan

When investing, or looking to invest, find someone to play kick to kick. Investing is fun, but it’s even more fun when you share your passion for wealth building with someone else.

Understanding the local market – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 163|

Is that “bargain” apartment, that’s only a few years old really going to add value to your property portfolio? Cam McLellan and Al Lewison discuss the importance of understanding the local market and making the correct choices when you are investing your way to financial freedom.

Why Cam enjoyed his holiday home but didn’t buy one (this time) – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 162|

Cam recently enjoyed a holiday with his family in Noosa, but he held off from buying an investment (this time) – he and Al Lewison discuss why.

Help! I’m in my 50’s, is it too late to begin investing? – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 161|

Is there an age when you should forget about beginning your investment journey with property because it’s too late? Cam and Al discuss, whether property investing is for any age.

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