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Why one million dollars won’t be enough to retire on

By Cam McLellan

While the growth in the projected pool of superannuation savings is impressive, it belies the harsh reality facing those not far off retirement. Increasing life spans, the effect of the GFC on superannuation accounts and the fact that the superannuation guarantee started only in 1992 is leaving older workers underfunded.

Flashback Friday – It’s Al Lewison’s First Property Purchase – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 124|

Take a peak in to the past and check out Al Lewison's first property purchase! Featuring Cam McLellan and Al Lewison.

Aston Martin resurrects Lagonda super saloon

By Tony Davis

The art of making bespoke road cars is not dead, despite the tightening safety and environmental legislation that was supposedly going to make it impossible. Ferrari will still build you a uniquely styled car if you have enough money, while various coach builders are still producing limited edition or individual cars for select clients.

Wentworth Woodhouse to hit the market

By Toby Johnstone

It's a house so big you could sleep in a different room every day of the year.

Wentworth Woodhouse, the 365-room mansion in South Yorkshire, England, is about to hit the market and it could be more affordable than you think.


Property Glossary

Source: API Magazine

For newcomers to property investing or home buying, the jargon can get confusing, so here is a guide to the most commonly used terms.

9 ways to spruce up a rental kitchen

By Carly Jacobs

Just because you’re in a rental doesn’t mean you should have to put up with a drab kitchen. While some landlords do put off kitchen maintenance because they’re expensive to renovate there’s still quite a few non-permanent ways you can give your rental kitchen a bit of a lift.

Getting the most out of your tax – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 123|

When you're holding a larger asset base how do you go about ensuring more asset for little out of back pocket expense and make your tax work for you. Featuring Cam McLellan, Al Lewison and Michael Beresford.

Zofia Blake leaves $6 million building to charity


WHEN she passed away at 95 in March last year, Zofia Blake’s death was marked with a simple obituary notice.

It read, ‘Beloved wife of Zigmunt Blake (deceased). Adored sister of Betty Wozniak (deceased). Much loved and sadly missed by all who knew her’. It was a world away from the busy life of a young film importer and distributor who had her glamorous business life chronicled in a newspaper article in the 1960s.

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