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Getting the most out of your tax – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 151|

Michael Beresford takes the drivers seat for today's Property Wealth Workout of the Day to discuss maximising your tax with regards to your investments.

Teaching your kids about investing – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 150|

A question we have been asked many times is - how do we teach our children about investing, and the many things you need to know to be financially secure? In today's Property Wealth Workout of the Day we offer you a potential solution!

Market watch – South Australia – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 149|

Cam and Al discuss the South Australian market and how to get the best investment every time.

Why living below the poverty line in retirement will be a reality for most people – WOD |Ep. 148|

It is a well publicised fact that potentially over 80% of couples in Australia will retire on only $32,000 each year. With many of us already living well above that number it's a scary thought! So how do we make sure that we are able to retire more comfortably? Cam and Al discuss what might just be holding you back in today's Property Wealth Workout of the Day.

Using your investments to get out of the 9 to 5 grind – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 147|

It's the ultimate goal for most of us to get out of having to "work for the man" but how do we get ourselves free of the nine to five grind? In today's WOD we look at:

  • what you need to do to retire on $100k per year
  • how to have the liberty of going to work as a choice rather than a necessity
  • when you should be able to utilise the equity from your properties

What should my investment property look like – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 146|

So you've used the MAP process and found the area that you think your investment property should be located in, but what should your investment actually look like? Cam and Al discuss in today's property wealth workout of the day.

Who’s who in the zoo – introducing Scotty – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 145|

Our acquisitions manager Scott Warren has spent a long time in property and now it’s time to find out exactly what he does at OWC (apart from winning trophies)!

Who’s who in the zoo – introducing Jamkins – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 144|

Sultry voiced Front Line Team Leader Jamela Hopkins is your first point of contact and is ready to answer your property investment questions! Find out a little bit more about Jam and her fun team.

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