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Our capital city population is booming but the supply side not so much

By Cameron Kusher, source RP Data

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has recently released demographic data at a capital city level to June 2013.  We have previously covered the population data on this blog however, when the data is paired with dwelling approvals data over the same period there are some very interesting findings.

Over the 12 months to June 2013, the population of the combined capital cities increased by a total of 313,387 persons.  At the same time, there were 114,825 capital city dwelling approvals over the period.  Based purely on the ratio of population growth to dwelling approvals, there was 1 dwelling approved for construction for every 2.73 residents added to the capital cities.


First home buyers in Victoria the lowest in 23 years

By Robert Larocca, Source RP Data

From a first home buyer perspective, there is something very wrong with the housing market in Victoria.

In February, the most recent data available from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) showed that the total number of dwellings financed for first home buyers had sunk to a 23 year low.

In February there were 1,402 dwellings financed for first home buyers which represented a mere 11.76 per cent of the entire number financed. This was lower than in January when first home buyers represented 12.7 per cent of the market and the lowest in raw terms since July 1991 when the population of Victoria was 31 per cent less than it is today.

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Boom threatens the great Australian dream of a home

By Michael Bleby, The Sydney Morning Herald

Click on the below link for the full story.


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