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Cam and Al’s thoughts on removing negative gearing – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 140|

Is abolishing negative gearing really the solution to the increasing house prices and affordability? Cam and Al discuss.

Selling: A Game of Snakes and Ladders

By Cam McLellan

Selling an investment property is like a game of snakes and ladders. You climb and climb towards financial freedom, but when you sell it’s like landing on a snake. You slide down the snake and have to start all over again.

Why compounding is the 8th wonder of the world – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 139|

Welcome to our Wednesday WOD! Today we have a "celebrity" drop by who discusses Compound Growth and its importance in your property portfolio.

Getting started: Ready.Set.Go!

By Cam McLellan

The first deposit is the most difficult to save. Once you’ve started building your portfolio, your appreciating assets will help you fund future deposits and you’re off and running.

OWC go on an excursion part 3 – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 138|

It's time for the final installment of our property investment excursion. Today the team take a look at opportunities on the water (so to speak!).

If you missed Part 1 click HERE and for Part 2 HERE.

OWC go on an excursion part 2 – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 137|

The excursion continues! Today the team goes out to a south-eastern development to see what our investment opportunities are and what is recommended.

Missed part 1? View it HERE.

Banks continue to predict rate cut

Although the Reserve Bank has kept the official cash rate at a record-low 2.5 per cent since August 2013,  ANZ chief economist Warren Hogan said that the bank expected the next movement in interest rates to be down, and that cut could be just around the corner.


OWC go on an excursion part 1 – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 136|

Today's WOD features an excursion where some members of our team go and investigate the investment knowledge of some real estate agencies. Are you surprised by the final results?

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