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Virtual Reality: The Property Industry’s Next Frontier?

Imagine if  property buyers could ‘walk’ through a new off the plan apartment or home without even entering the building. Sound far-fetched? It may seem like something from Back to the Future II, but prospective buyers are already starting to experience this phenomenon through virtual reality technology.

Buying your own home – real estate tactics explained – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 196|

So your portfolio is growing and you’ve decided it’s time to purchase your own primary place of residence, but you don’t want to get sucked in by the market hype and want to ensure you get a good deal (but also don’t miss out on your dream home). Cam McLellan and Al Lewison discuss some of the tactics real estate agents might use and how to negotiate so you get the best outcome.

What to look for in a property manager

By Cam McLellan

A while ago my business partner Al Lewison, told me a story about a friend of his, and that his reason for not investing was a toilet seat.

Building your portfolio – why it’s important to hold property – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 195|

Why is holding property so important to your portfolio? Cam McLellan and Al Lewison take a look at where their own portfolios began to show why it’s important not to sell too early.

What’s your time worth?

By Cam McLellan

Property investing takes a lot of time and to be frank without good time management you will never be able to build a portfolio.


Property spruikers caught in clampdown

by: SAMANTHA HUTCHINSON From: The Australian

More than 86 property spruikers have been nabbed in a co-ordi­nated effort to stop promoters duping investors with unfair rent-to-buy schemes and “free” investment seminars

Taxing developments

By Pat Mannix

In recent months I’ve had a number of conversations with clients who are building new residential properties, a couple intending to keep the property and rent it out and some intending to sell for a profit. When I informed these clients of the potential tax implications of selling, they were quite surprised that GST could apply and they wouldn’t necessarily be eligible for CGT discounts.

Will the government start monitoring investment property water usage – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 194|

It has been reported that many apartments are being brought by foreign investors but not lived in, and so they are sitting vacant. So what would happen if the Government started monitoring water and electricity usage, so that they could find out which apartments are in use? Steve Hogarty discusses in today’s Property Wealth Workout of the Day.

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