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Understanding property finance is a must!

Whether you’re a first time or experienced investor, understanding property finance is a must! The number-one reason most investors never own more than one property is finance. Listen to established property investor Michael Beresford discuss the importance of setting up your property finance correctly.


Why you shouldn’t invest in regional areas – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 192|

What are the dangers of investing in regional areas as opposed to city markets? Steve Hogarty is taking the WOD wheel again to explain why we don’t advocate investing in regional areas.

What to do if you have to sell

By Cam McLellan.

Whilst we don’t advocate selling properties, there will probably come a time when you will want to sell your primary place of residence (PPR). When you do this you need to have a plan and a strategy to ensure you get the best outcome.

What If Money Was No Object?

If money was no object, what would you be doing? Video produced and hosted by blog series Tragedy & Hope. The video is a remastered version of the original “What If Money Was No Object?” by the profound late Alan Watts.

Tax, property investing and how it all works – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 191|

Senior Investment Consultant Steve Hogarty is back to explain how your income will be affected by your property investment when it comes to tax time.

Is the property market in a bubble that’s about to burst – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 190|

What is a property bubble, are we in one? And is it about to burst? Senior Investment Consultant Steve Hogarty takes a look at history to get more insight in to what may happen in the future.


9 Steps to Gearing Property Through Super


When the government allowed property gearing through superannuation in 2007 it didn’t explain the steps involved or warn about the hazards that can be faced.

Investing in a State other than your own – Property Wealth WOD |Ep. 189|

How can you get comfortable investing in a State other than your own? Cam McLellan and Michael Beresford address this viewer question.


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